Eco Fest’s 21st


World Team Now (WTN) joined the 21st Eco Fest in NYC’s Central Park, Oct. 4th

It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm and our new WTN board member Walter Andrews a charter member of EPA, lead the public outreach with Suzanne Maxx and Albert Boulanger.

There were over 25,00O people through the day.  A Solar Stage with people tap dancing for tap water and Pete Seeger belting out the classic environmental anthem “This Land is your Land..” The River Keeper, and teams of other non-profits, health food, and demo’s of alternative vehicle.

People were drawn to our table because of the skate wheels we were using as paper weights.  This allowed us launch into conversations about alternative forms of transportation, and share materials we had prepared on key links for the global pulse of the environmental movement.

Walter Andrews (EPA & WTN) and Suzanne Maxx (World Team WTN Founder & Exec Director) were invited to speak at the press conference at Tavern on the Green to Launch on October 2nd for the event launch.

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One response to “Eco Fest’s 21st

  1. Suzanne,

    Excellent posting of Clean Energy Week and WTN’s Webinar Event..(A 4*** * posting).
    This will significantly raise our visibility in the
    Clean Energy area.

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